Advanced Rubber Coatings Products.

For "leaky roof", see the Liquid Roof® column below.

Liquid Roof® & Liquid Rubber® EPDM Coatings ProPoly® F9601 Aliphatic Urethane Coating ProFlex® F1500 Clear Epoxy Primer Butt Putty® Crack Filler Gel
Liquid Roof Liquid Rubber Liquid Propoly Proflex Primer Butt Putty
LIQUID ROOF® and LIQUID RUBBER® are true liquid EPDM rubbers and therefore could be described as a liquid that when cured has all the characteristics and properties of the single ply EPDM membrane that has established an outstanding performance record for over 30 years. EPDM rubbers have the best aging properties (retains flexibility longer) of all the elastomers. LIQUID ROOF® is designed especially for RV's and Motorhomes and comes in a creamy-white color matching the original roof.

LIQUID RUBBER® is designed for building roofs and general coating applications.
The Liquid ProPoly® is a product of high solids 2 part Aliphatic Urethane. It differs only in anti-skid additives.
Liquid ProPoly® coating was formulated to incorporate the latest advancements in polymer technology. The objective was to develop a coating with superior durability that could be used on roofs, walls or foot traffic decks, had a 1 to 2 hour pot life plus fast cure.
Liquid ProPoly® has met these objectives.
Liquid ProPoly® Urethanes produce a tough yet elastomeric coating that is equally suitable for application on roofs, walls and siding, storage tanks as well as foot traffic surfaces. Non skid properties are obtained by incorporating the Anti-Skid Additive prior to application.
Proflex® 1500 Clear Primer is a unique, extremely flexible, two-component epoxy membrane.
It is solvent-free and exhibits excellent tensile strength and elongation under ambient as well as colder temperatures.
Butt Putty® Crack Filler Gel:
  • is used for filling larger cracks and voids, regardless of position
  • is an easy to use lightweight two-part epoxy for trowel application
  • The mix ratio is a convenient equal part mixture of part A and part B
  • consistency eliminates slumping or sagging so it can be applied to vertical surfaces and even undersurfaces
  • is non-shrinking and will bond to most rigid materials
  • is perfect for those hard to do repairs around the house and shop
  • can be sanded or sawed when cured
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