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Liquid Rubber®

The Worlds only EPDM Rubber in Liquid Form

EPDM Offers the Best Protection Currently Available

One Coat Covers up to 46 sq ft/gal with a 20 mil Thick Coat

Applies Like Paint to Form a 100% Seamless Membrane

Two Component System (Included)

DESCRIPTION: Liquid Rubber® is a two component Liquid EPDM Rubber which has been formulated to produce a seamless roofing and waterproofing membrane (when properly catalyzed) having the weathering and performance characteristics of an EPDM single-ply sheet.

USES: To coat most metals,Steel and Aluminum Roofs(directly without primers), sheet rubber, plastics, and urethane foam.
Excellent for waterproofing concrete roof decks and roof tiles. Can be applied directly to primed plywood and lumber. Can be used to line fish ponds. Liquid Rubber® is also a very effective coating for steel especially where it is exposed to salt environment.
Do not use over asphalt or silicone rubber caulks. Silicone rubber must first be removed and replaced with butyl rubber caulk. Fish ponds can be lined with Liquid Rubber®. The concrete must first be thoroughly cleaned and dried. If the concrete is porous it should first be primed with a primer. The EPDM rubber is safe for fish. Allow the rubber to cure a minimum of 1 week (at temperatures of 70ºF or higher) before filling.
Concrete and Wooden Water Tanks can also be lined with Liquid Rubber. Porous Concrete should first be coated with a primer. Untreated wood should first be treated with an oil base sealer. Allow rubber to cure a minimum of 1 week (at temperatures of 70ºF or higher) before adding water.

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APPLICATION: Air atomize or airless spray, roller, squeegee or brush. A combination of methods may be most effective. For example, on a flat roof: pour serpentine bead of material from pail; distribute with squeegee, finish with short nap roller to press air out of cracks and even out the wet film.

COLORS:White, black, gray. Custom colors are available at an additional charge. Custom color orders require a minimum 100 gallon order.
You can custom color the rubber yourself by taking the white liquid rubber to a paint store and having colorant added. (Maximum 3 oz colorant per gallon)

PACKAGING:One and five gallon containers.
  • Long-term durability
  • Provides a seamless waterproof and chemical resistant membrane
  • UV and Ozone resistance
  • Temperature stable from -60ºF to 300ºF
  • Outstanding ponding water resistance
  • Can be applied on roof decks, gutters, structural steel, air conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel, unit heater flues, smoke stacks and chimneys, fiberglass and non porous masonry surfaces
  • Suitable for new or recoating applications
  • Easy to apply

The useful life of metal roofs, either galvanized, steel or aluminum can be extended by coating them with Liquid Rubber®.

Due to weather and ultraviolet rays many roof coating will become brittle and lose adhesion, resulting in leaks. One application of Liquid Rubber will provide an air and watertight flexible seal for many years.

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